1) A coarse textile fabric, so named because it was intended originally to make sacks or wrap up bales, but used subsequently for items of clothing.

1394-5 Item xij ulnis de secclath iijs, Whitby

1562 one dublet of sackclothe iijs, Thrintoft

1576 Item vii yerds of sackcloth, South Cave. Apparently also called sackweb: 1444 j web de sac xxd, Northallerton

1580 for xij yeardes of secke webe iijs iiijd, Stockeld

1616 Sackwebbe bought at Malton ... of 22 yeards

1616 a new sacke of sack webb, Brandsby.

spellings sackweb
dates 1394-1395 1444 1562 1576 1580 1616

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0