1) Dark or deep when used of colour, in contrast to ‘light’.

1415 j lectum de worsted de light blewe et sadde blewe, Wollaton

1451 Item iiij pecić de light blew and sade blew operatć, York

1454 unam togam de sadgrene, Whitkirk

c.1504 Item vij yerdes of sad tawne iiijs, York

1682 one sad colerd peticote, Brayton

1722 a sad brown Bay Gelding, Leeds. It could mean compact or dense: 1691 I ... found the snow deep where drifted but sad and bearing, Slaithwaite. The meaning is likely to be pejorative in the following by-name: 1305-6 Nicholao Saddebely pro uno termino ijs, Bolton Priory. Employed at the same time was Symon Paunch.

dates 1305-1306 1415 1451 1454 1504 1682 1691 1722

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0