1) Either a place where salt was made or refined (OED) or, more usually, a building where it was stored.

1503 To my wif a meise with one salt howse in Whitby, York

1528 M John Langton for a salthows wiche paid at a terme vs now iijs iiijd, Hull

1542 To John Maister ... my salte house with the newe tymbre that I bought for it, Whitby. Salthouse Lane in Hull takes its name from such a building: 1465 ‘the decay of a tenement called Salthous

1465 the Comon seuer in Salthouslane by yere ijs.

places York Whitby Hull
dates 1465 1503 1528 1542

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0