1) A garment such as a coat, or one worn next to the skin, a shirt or chemise.

1472 for ij sarkkes mendeng ijd, York

1534 a white cotte and an new sarke, Liversedge

1552 two pare of hoose and one sark, Huddersfield. Occasionally it was a coat of mail: 1515 my sark of mayll and a battell axe, Hunmanby. It is found as an element in early by-names: 1301 Henry Whitserk, Carleton juxta Snaith

1332 William Whiteserk, Thornes near Wakefield.

dates 1301 1332 1472 1515 1534 1552

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2) The verb meant to cover (a roof) with wooden boards (OED).

1458 pro sarracione … de les sarkyng bordes, York

1538 the sarking underneath if it might be seen is sore chauffyd and will have much new timber, Knaresborough

1582 In laying the gutters and in sarkinge about the chime, York

1596 one hundred of sixpennye nayles for naylinge down lead & sarking bords on the roufe of the churche, Howden. Note: 1464-5 Pro Ml sarkyngnale, 5s, Durham, presumably the nails used to secure sarking boards on a roof.

spellings sarking boards
dates 1458 1464-1465 1538 1582 1596

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0