1) Literally ‘Saracen cloth’, a very fine and soft silk material, both plain and twilled.

1463 j mantellum linatam cum sercenet, Leeds

c.1504 A yerd and a half sayrsnyt iiijs, York

c.1537 tawny and blak sarcenett lyning for a gowne, Halifax

1542 curtens of chaungeable sarcenet, Bretton

1618 Gownes makeinge and trymbinge up with ... changeable sarcenett to lyne the hynginge sleeves, Brandsby

1675 seaventy yeards of Indian sersnit for 25li, Richmond.

dates 1463 1504 1537 1542 1618 1675

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0