1) In early contexts, the scaffold was probably a temporary platform, supported on poles or trestles, which gave workmen access to the higher sections of the building that they were working on.

1354-5 Laur. Wrigth sublevante le skaffald in choro, Ripon

1360 Pro flekes emptis pro skaffald

1371 Et in cc de firspars pro le scaffold, York

1409 Et aliis necessariis pro scafald, Beverley

1485-6 tymber to mak the centres of the scaffyldes, Sheffield

c.1520 Johanni Henryson making scaffaldes, Ripon. A more complicated framework of platforms and poles required substantial amounts of timber: 1399 Item xviij magnć arbores pro scaffaldyng, precii 60s, York. Bridge building records have references from the fifteenth century: 1422 schaffoldynges, Catterick Bridge

1485-6 the centres of the scaffyldes, Lady’s Bridge in Sheffield.

spellings scaffolding
dates 1354-1355 1360 1371 1399 1409 1422 1485-1486 1520

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0