1) Used in the sense of ‘wood’, as a material of which furniture and a variety of utensils and structures could be made.

1416 the … tanneres shall raise upe on[e] castle of tree … in the Rogacion weeke, Beverley

1422 schaffoldynges and other tree werk, Catterick

1566 Item thre tre chargers 12d, 7 dussen tre disheis 8d, Grinton

1591 a tree dubler, South Cave

1673 1 trough tree, Brayton. Imported into Hull were 30 tree platers in 1461, treen spoones in 1465, 87 tree cannes in 1483 and tre beddes [beads] in 1489-90. Special types of wood recorded are: 1509 a long chist of cipresse tre, Dewsbury

1565 a chaire … of wallenuttree, Temple Newsam. It was contrasted with metal objects: 1462 all the old pewtr vesell with all the tre vessel, Wawne.

dates 1416 1422 1462 1509 1565 1566 1591 1673

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0