1) A ‘skimmer’, a shallow ladle or sieved spoon used for removing scum or other unwanted matter from the surface of liquids.

1399 j scomor cum j podyngiren, York

1445 et j ladill cum ij scomeres de auricalco, Beverley

1515 pro ... j skomer, York

1567 a latyne Ladill a Latyne scomer, Fixby

1619 one scomber, one latine ladle, Bingley

1700 one Brass scumber 4d, Elland. In some inventories it was a kind of fire shovel or riddle: 1490 De j fyre scomer cum j pare de taynges vjd, York

1507 a rost yren with a fyer scomer, York

1528 A scomer for the fire and a great pare tonges xvjd, York

1669 3 broyling irons, 2 pr racks, j fire scumer, Selby. In 1735, William Hawkesworth of Longley in the parish of Ecclesfield had tongs Scimmer and Hammers.

spellings fire scummer
dates 1399 1445 1490 1507 1515 1528 1567 1619 1669 1700 1735

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0