scuttle maker

1) A maker of scuttles or baskets.

1580 Imprimis payd to stotele [scotele?] maker for on leape, two wyndo treles, & ij stotels [scotels?] iijs, Stockeld

1586 Edward Crawe, skutlemaker, Wighill. In Beverley, the scuttellmakers were linked in 1596 with the carpenters and joiners. When George Murrey of Nosterfield was described as a scuttle maker in 1611, the editor, Canon Atkinson, said that in his day, that is 1884, the scuttle was a shallow open basket with a wide mouth, used for gathering potatoes and the like. The occupation was sufficiently distinctive to serve as a by-name as late as the seventeenth century: 1625 James Scuttlemaker alias Tayler, younger, Spofforth.

dates 1580 1586 1596 1611 1625

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0