1) A regional word for a rush or rushlight.

1579 candel seaves vjd, Stockeld. Angus Winchester has commented on the plant’s domestic uses and noted a reference in 1579 to mowing lez seavethacke in Littondale, and another in 1659 thatche seaves in Lartington. It is a frequent element in minor place-names: 1443 seueker, Tadcaster

1564 the Sevye closes, Ingleby Arncliffe

1631 Rushie close or Seavy close, Spofforth. ‘Half a rood at Seneker’ in an undated thirteenth-century Tockwith deed should probably be Seueker.

dates 1200-1299 1443 1564 1579 1631 1659

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0