set up

1) This is a traditional part of the vocabulary of the medieval guilds. A man was entitled to set up in business only after completing his time as an apprentice and journeyman.

In 1475 the brethren in York would not permit any estraunge man to sett up as maister unless it could be shown that he was able and connyng in the craft. In Sheffield, a pre-incorporation Ordinance of 1565 said that no maner of person shall sett up the said occupacion … oneles he have beyne apprentice vij yeares. It gave rise to the noun ‘upset’: in Beverley in 1577 William Blenkarne, a coverlet weaver, paid 20d for an upsett.

dates 1475 1565 1577

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0