1) The establishment of a business in the guild system.

In the guild system a man was entitled to set up in business only after completing his time as an apprentice and journeyman. In 1417, for example, any qualified girdler who moved into York had to pay at his first setting up of his shoppe xs and various other sums to the chamber and the craft. In 1475 the millers would not permit any estraunge man to sett up as maister unless it could be shown that he was able and connyng in the craft. They expected a qualified person to pay at his firste upsettyng 3s. 4d. which was rather less than the sum paid in 1464 by any foreine walker who was expected to sett up as a maister. Such a man would paie at his upsett 13s. 4d. the oone haulf to the chaumbre and use of the citie, and the other haulf to the craft of the walkers . In Beverley, in 1577, William Blenkarne, a coverlet weaver, paid 20d for an upsett .

spellings upsetting
places York Beverley
dates 1417 1464 1475 1577

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0