1) A mason whose task it was to set or lay the shaped stones in a building or wall.

1401-3 In remuneracione data cementariis vocatis setters ad parietes cum cirothecis, York

1432 In regardo facto Johanni Taillor et Johanni Bultflow cementariis vocatis settars, 26s 8d, York.

places York
dates 1401-1403 1432

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2) A precisely cut stone.

Its meaning is best illustrated in the conditions that applied to the tenant who leased Wakefield bridge-house: 1683 That he … after any Flood of Water do observe and take notice … when any of the Stones commonly called Setters within any of the frames or Jewells under the bridg, chance to shrinke or fall by reason of the Washing of the gravell from under them. In 1717, payment was made for setters hewed at Fairburne for Brotherton Causey.

dates 1683 1717

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0