1) This was the usual word in many parts of Yorkshire for oats from which the husks had been removed, ready for grinding, often at the local mill.

1685 she did entice Joseph Cliff to goe into Kings Mill and take some shillinge out of a Chist which was unlocked, Huddersfield. The shilling had to be ground to produce oatmeal: 1760 the [they] grind shilling for to make oatmeal Wakefield. In the earlier references noted, ‘shelling’ was an alternative spelling: 1510 ‘John Ley my tenant oon quarter sheling', Copley

1783 9 strikes of shelling, Ovenden. The word was in frequent use: 1545 to ... my sone xijs and a bushell of shilling, Otley

1647 3 loods of shilling, Thurlstone.

spellings shelling
dates 1510 1545 1647 1685 1760 1783

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0