1) A building where goods were made and prepared for sale, also used frequently of work-places.

1374 non omnia instrumenta ejusdem schopć, York

1399 quatuor shoppys sicut jacent in Ripon in le Kyrkgate. In 1584, a Scriven blacksmith wrote: I give to Edward my sonne two stiddes in my shopp att Knaresburghe: in 1619-21 a Pickering survey listed fowre shopps nere the Churche yarde … wherof one is a smythes forge. It was used particularly of cutlers’ workplaces and in Harrison’s Survey of Sheffield featured repeatedly in lists of tenants and their holdings although sometimes a distinction was drawn between a shop and a smithy: 1637 William Skargill for a Shop

Robert Clerke for a Smithy and 2 gardens. In 1730, Thomas Taylor was ‘a small employer with three smithies and a cutting-shop’, Sheffield. The Ordinances in York prohibited the ‘hawking’ of goods and obliged each cutler to sell all such stuff within his shop.

dates 1374 1399 1584 1619-1621 1637 1730

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0