1) The reckoning or bill, especially one in an ale-house, an obligation discharged.

1640 who having drunck ther wyne and paid ther shott were coming forth, York

1647 I sent to Jo. Wordsworth for my shott to an ale hee had me to for Christopher Batty 1s 6d, Thurlstone

1676 did tender a pewter shilling to Susan Ogden for his shott, Oxenhope

1736 James paid the shott, Meltham.

dates 1640 1647 1676

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2) Thrust out or projecting.

1501 his said tenement ther ... which is shot & hyngeth over the ground of the same Ric’ [Thornton] ther by viijth ynchez, York.

places York
dates 1501

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3) Of uncertain meaning but descriptive of a process in tanning.

1660 18 hors skinnes shott in the bark, Selby

1720 bought six shott calve skins ... intending to dress the same, Knaresborough.

dates 1660 1720

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0