1) A maker of slays, that is the wooden instrument used in weaving to beat up the weft.

1602 my new lynnen loame with all the slayes, Winsley. The occupation and the occupational by-name are on record from the fourteenth century: 1379 Johannes Slaymaker, Doncaster

1389 Johannes Whyt, slaymaker, York

1451 fil. Johannis White, slaymaker, York. In 1754-8, John Kilner, slaymaker, is listed in a trade directory for the Huddersfield area and in 1822, the entry for Huddersfield in Baines’s directory has a separate section devoted to Slay and Heald Makers. Slaymaker Lane is in Oakworth, near Keighley.

dates 1379 1389 1602 1754-1758

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0