1) A verb meaning to cleave or cut.

1617 thornes … had bene ether stubbed or sleven, Brandsby. The noun is also recorded: 1617 some slyvings of yonge oaks from ould stovens, Brandsby. The OED has a reference from 1688 to ‘A Sliven, Shivered, or Cloven tree’.

places Brandsby
dates 1617

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2) The verb meant to slip on a garment such as a hood.

Here it is linked more unusually with clothing for the legs: 1518 I give to Robert ... a par of Whit Slyvyng hose, Barkston

1558 I bequeath to Robert Reame a paire of old slyve hose, Whitkirk.

dates 1518 1558

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0