1) A type of loose-fitting garment, breeches, mantle, or more usually over hose.

1520 a wyde sloppe furryd to put over all my gere, Mount Grace

1542 to Anne Heire my next best sloppe and best cloke, Beverley

1566 one payre of sloppes of crayncoloryde fustyane and the undersokes belongynge the sayme, Catterick

1574 a felte hatte with one paire of redde sloppes, Thongsbridge

1582 my best paire of sloppes, Slaithwaite

1593 my best overhose or sloppes ... my best under stockinges, Killinghall.

dates 1520 1542 1566 1574 1582 1593

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0