1) A regional word used in descriptions of an animal’s skin colour, particularly cows. It has been said to mean flecked, speckled, spotted, and even pied (OED).

1552 to Agnes my dowghter one read spanged cowe, Wakefield

1558 to Mathewe Henrye son on spanged oxe calf, Whitkirk. Several variations in the vowel, and the word’s use as a noun have been noted: 1540 to ... my sone elawe [sic] a whit spanke, a cow, Houghton

1559 two bigge bullokes, a brownne and a spvnget, Treeton

1570 one spencket qwye, Grinton

1591 a whye stirke spinked, Wensley

1600 one blake spinkedd que styrke, Marrick

1756 1 Speng wye calf, Cawood.

spellings spencket speng spynget
dates 1540 1552 1558 1559 1570 1591 1600 1756

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0