1) A spike-nail; that is a large and strong nail.

1299-1300 Et in spikynges ferris emptis ad eandem bercariam xxvjs ixd, Bolton Priory

a.1360 Pro clavis ferri, videlicit, spykynges et broddes et aliis 16s, York

1446-7 c dimidia clavis vocatis spykyngs, Beverley. References to single, middle and double spikings were also frequent and these words gave rise to by-names: 1379 John Spikyng, Bishop Monkton, and field names: 1323 Spikyng, Snaith

1516 Dublespyk

1541 Singlespyk, Tadcaster. Such names were common enough for us to suspect that they described a narrow triangular piece of land and that this was the shape of the nail.

dates 1299-1300 1323 1350-1360 1379 1446-1447

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0