1) A gander.

1563 two gese, a stegg, sixe hennes and a cock 4s, Clint

1570 vij geyse and steygs, price iijs, Hutton Conyers

1581 one stege & iij gesses with x geselines iiijs, South Cave

1682 4 gese, 1 stege 4 henses & 1 coke, Brayton

1727 one stegg was taken out of the place where his geese sits, Pontefract. On the Leeds-Liverpool canal Lock 35 is named Stegneck, no doubt ‘borrowed’ from the field in Gargrave so called. Nearby in Addingham is Stegg Holes recorded in the tithe award of 1844.

dates 1563 1570 1581 1682 1727

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0