1) A young horse.

1357 dunstagg, Bradford

1399 lego Domino Roberto Broune capellano j stagg, Ingmanthorpe

1434 And to Thomas Busham my rede bald stagg, Ousefleet

1514 To William my sone a stagg whiche I promised to hym what tyme he was a yong foolle, Ingmanthorpe

1557 I giue to Sir Thomas Gargrave my stagge that was of the Chrawshaw meare, Elland

1606 unum equum testiculatum, Anglice a stoned stagg, Middleton Tyas.

dates 1357 1399 1434 1514 1557 1606

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2) An occasional spelling of ‘steg’, the regional word for a gander.

1637 two geese and a stagg 4s, Hambleton.

places Hambleton
dates 1637

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0