1) A young castrated ox.

1346 lego Agneti de Thornton duos stottos cum vj porcis, Catton

1395-6 De xix stottes, j vacca de stauro, Whitby

1488 Unus boviculus vocat. stott iiijs, Beverley

1535 xiiij yong Stottes and quyes, Stillingfleet

1588 Item two oxen and two Stottes, Dalton

1642 There was att that time a bull, 11 milch kyne, 2 fatte kyne, 2 fatte stotts, 2 leane stotts, Elmswell. It gave rise to the common surname Stott and an early by-name: 1166 Gamel Stot.

dates 1166 1346 1395-1396 1488 1535 1588 1642

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0