1) To cut down or shorten.

1606 from one gappe in the south side of the said parke unto one oak tree heretofore stoved, North Bierley

1608 Thomas Boake stowed ashe trees on the 14 lands, Brandsby. I note the verb ‘to stowen’ in a much earlier Suffolk lease: 1447 only to stowyn & to schredyn in swych places … as William Payn stowyd and schredde in, Dunwich. It was also used of the identifying cuts made on the ears of farm animals: 1617 both ther eares being stowed, Brandsby

1692 the near ear stov’d, Spofforth.

spellings stow shred
dates 1447 1606 1608 1617 1692

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0