1) The word ‘stuff’ was used of a woollen fabric which was described late in its history as not having a pile (OED).

1653 some holland for my selfe and stuffe for her, Stockeld

1657 to John Fawcett my sonne one little trunck & my stufe suite, Thorpe Willoughy

1675 The persons who tooke the monies had their faces covered, one being mounted on a gray horse being in a close gray coate, th’other on a lusty bay gelding in a brone stuffe coate, Tadcaster. The occupational term occurs later: 1709 John Candler of Selby stuffe maker

1785 Samuel Clapham of Leeds, stuffmaker.

spellings stuff-maker
dates 1653 1657 1675 1709 1785

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0