1) A keeper responsible for the swans.

1558-9 ordayned that no Person or Persons being Swanherds ... begin a marking without the master of the Kings Game of Swannes ... be there present, Hatfield

1652 their honors armes graven and quartered for the wearing of there hon’rs Swanherd on the carrs in Holderness. The sites where the swans were kept were called pools or carrs: 1508 the goyng of a payr of swans in the carre of Newsom with ther brewde and brewdez, Breckenbrough

1558-9 their swan Poles ... are by now ... Converted into Dryland, Hatfield

1570 And there are in the Carre ... by the confession of the swannerdes xlvij whyte swannes and all the sygnettes are to be marked, Leconfield

1598 Low Holling Closes or Swankare Close, Thorpe near Ripon.

dates 1508 1558-1559 1570 1598 1652

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0