swine root

1) Manorial by-laws obliged tenants to ‘ring’ their swine at certain times of the year, in order to control their routing for food.

1548 ‘If any person keep his swine unringed [si aliquis custod porcos suos non anulat] ... after 3 May he will be fined 4d for each animal’, Lepton

1609 that every man doe ringe and yoke his swine before the tenth day of May next and soe kepe them ringed until the 29 day of September, Upperthong. In 1629, for the maintenance of good ... neighbourhood a lease threatened distraint for anie ... ofence or default Except for Swynewroot, Buckden.

dates 1548 1609 1629

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0