1) A sieve, especially one for bolting meal.

1377 ‘j sieve for bolting meal’, Hackness

c.1535 a kettle and a tempse, Bridlington

1622 3 sives, 2 tempses and 2 ruddles iijs iiijd, Bingley

1674 a Tiffany Tems a haire Tems, Doncaster

1739 two silk themsis two hair themsis, East Riddlesden. It was used occasionally as a verb: 1626 ‘No baker to teach any person to bolte, tems or weigh any kind of meale’, Beverley

1642 to measure the meale therein ... before it bee tempsed, Elmswell, and in a variety of compound terms: 1598 One temsinge troughe, Wearmouth

1674 in the Meale Chamber ... a Leaven Tubb & Temsing Tubb, Doncaster.

dates 1377 1535 1598 1622 1626 1642 1674 1739

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0