1) To roof a building, no doubt with thatch originally but also from an early date with stone.

1399-1400 Et in vxx travis de stramine ordii emp. 5s, pro tectura j tenementi ... Et in salario j hominis tegentis, viz thekand predictam domum, Ripon

1429 to the thekyng of the stepill of my parish kyrke xxvjs viijd, York 1509 cause to be bielded a house of vj Crokkys to be ... theked with ston, South Crosland

1573 taking the stone all of the oxehowsse dyd theake yt a newe, Farnley Tyas

1787 began this Morning to cover in and theak, as ‘tis said usually, the new Chapel at Slaighthwaite.

dates 1399-1400 1429 1509 1573 1787

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0