thwart saw

1) A saw used for sawing across pieces of timber, a cross-cut saw.

1544 one over thwarte sawe and one chessell, Harrogate

1561 one hand sawe ... 1 whart saw, Spaldington

1576 one quarte sawe, Leeds

1578 one picke, one thwarte sawe, Ripley

1614 a thwart sawe with wimbles, South Cave. The will of Christopher Halliday, a carpenter, has the following: 1613-4 I give to William my sonne my working toles, half my armesaw which my brother Robert hath, my thwartsaw, my handsaw, if he give my wife his one wood axe, two howing axes, one hatchet, two great wombles, one stowering womble, one small womble, two rake p[ar]cers, three playnes and ij playne stockes, half the rabiting toule which is between my brother John and me, the vth parte of the whipsaw, half the iron gavelock which is between Hugh Lappage and me, one thistle, all my chissils except one for my executrix, and all the rest of my tooles if any be forgotten, Hampsthwaite

1637 6 wombles, 2 wedges, 3 hatchets, 1 quart saw, 1 handsaw, 1 thistle, a broadax, a woodax, a paire of pinzers, 2 iron frets, Barley

1671 1 acks, 1 hack, 1 quart sawe, Thorpe Willoughby. Canon Atkinson observed that ‘overthwart’ was often ‘overquart’ in the Danby area, and the Whitby Glossary has ‘to quart’ for ‘to thwart’.

spellings quart saw whart saw overthwart saw
dates 1544 1561 1576 1578 1613-1614 1614 1637 1671

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0