1) A wooden vessel, used in mining to bale water out of the pit.

Water was one of the coal-miner’s greatest enemies and over the centuries sophisticated methods of keeping pits dry were devised. Nevertheless, the early records reveal that water was commonly baled out using bowls, and removed from pits in tubs or barrels, even if these had to be drawn up the shaft: 1694 Paid John Wood towards the pit sinking 1s

to Tubes 1d

to Cartes 2d, Farnley

1713 two tubs for drawing water, Shibden

1754 for two New Barrels for the use of pulling water, 11s 0d, Beeston

1762 For 2 Hoops on Water Tubs 8d, Tong.

dates 1694 1713 1754 1762

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0