1) Usually a large cask, one to hold liquids.

1453 6 ton’ wadde Ł30 0s 0d, Hull

1471 1 ton 1 pipa ferri, Hull

1581 to John Hudson for maikinge ij newe tonnes & ij pare of laynes of my master owne iron, Stockeld. The occupational term for a maker of tuns occurred as a by-name: 1379 Johannes Tunwright, Beamsley. Alternatively, 'tun' was used of small, metal drinking vessels: 1618 a pewter salt & a tunn, Bingley

1656 One silver bowle & a silver tunne, North Bierley.

dates 1379 1453 1471 1581 1618 1656

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0