1) A small building close to a dwelling-house where turf and peat was stored.

1332 ‘a house called le Turfhous’, York

1570 ‘a house called a turfehouse, a garden, a croft’, Honley

1584 ‘a house called a turf hous on the north side of le fold’, Holmfirth

1622 one lathe one turffhouse, Honley

1706 inticed this informant three severall times in the night time to goe alonge to William Hills turfe house and from thence took both turffes and peates, Pannal. It may also have been a kind of warehouse where the turf-getting was part of a commercial operation: 1404-5 'transporting ... the turves by water ... to le Turfhous', Selby.

dates 1332 1570 1584 1706

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0