1) A hedgehog.

They were formerly considered to be vermin and a small bounty was paid by churchwardens for a dead animal: 1667 Alowd to the Churchwardens of Shipley for 6 uerchanes & for a fox head & for a wild cat 2d, Bradford

1673 given to Willm Ellis & his companye for killing 2 urchants 2d, Bradford. Similarly in Elland: 1721 For 8 Urchons from Barkisld: in the same accounts in 1742 is an entry for Edge-hogs at 2d a ps. Richard Wigglesworth of Conistone c.1688 spoke of his cattle being bitten with an urchon or a toade .

dates 1667 1673 1688 1721

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0