1) The acid juice of sour fruit, particularly grapes and crab-apples, formed into a liquor and used also in cooking and as a medicine.

1452 ij barelles pro vergust xijd, Cawood

1485 v vasa cum verjusse vjs viijd, Ripon

1528 6 gallons of varges 4s 8d, Chevet

1562 One letill barrell for verges ijd, Richmond

1596 towe barrelles of vergies, Knaresborough

1731 crabjuce, verjise, Spofforth. Note: 1585 in the vergeshouse - one kymleyn.

dates 1452 1485 1528 1562 1585 1596 1731

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0