wain gear

1) The equipment commonly associated with wains and other carts.

1538 all maner of plewghe geir, wayne geir, coupe geir, and all other tymber out of occupacon, Coxwold

1556 all my wayne geare as waynes, cowpes, plowes, yokes, temes & suche like ... & all maner of tymber therto belonginge, Horsforth . The term no doubt covers a wide range of attributive uses: 1535 iiij pare of wayne rathes, Stillingfleet

1551 one paire of whelles, yron bounde, stonding in the laithe, one waynbodie to theym, and one waynehedeyoke, one bolt and one shakill, Knaresborough

1556 the waynhead yocke, shakkell and bolte, Fairburn

1557 a pare of wayne fleaks, Thornton Bridge

1558 a payr of wayne raylls, Fairburn

1579 a payre of wayne blaydes iiijs, South Cave

1600 not one ashe fitt for a waynestower, Settrington

1632 a paire of wayne blaides and a payre of cowpes Ainderby Quernhow

1667 a parcell of wane speakes and felkes, Brayton.

dates 1535 1538 1551 1556 1557 1558 1579 1600 1632 1667

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0