warping wough

1) A wooden frame on which yarn was wound to form a warp, ready for weaving.

1639 two paire of Loames with on warping woaghe in the shoppe, Swinsty

1678 one paire of Lowmes one warping wough with other things belonging to that trade, Barnoldswick

1691 One warping Wough with furniture, Slaithwaite. The spelling of ‘wough’ varied: 1680 Loomes and warping woake and furnture, Barnoldswick

1690 one warping woak with creels, Holmfirth

1757 a pair of looms, warping oogh, Holmfirth. It measured three yards by one foot according to Easther.

spellings woake
dates 1639 1678 1680 1690 1691

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0