1) A maker of wheels and wheeled vehicles.

Found as a by-name and surname in different parts of Yorkshire: 1308 Alcok le Quelewrigh, Hipperholme

1346 John Whelwryght, Selby

1379 Richard Qwelwryght, Halton West

1399 Et de 20s de Johanne Quwelewright in emendacione facta pro convenc’ fracta in cariagio meremii, York. The inventory of a certain Thomas Dalby was drawn up in 1400 and it lists his debts to a wheelwright for items which relate to a carriage formerly in his possession: Alano Quelewright, pro lymers, j codd pour le charet, et j sege, et iiij cloutez … et aliis clavis pur le charet, Richmond. In 1504, land in Thornton le Moor was in the haldyng of Bulmere, a whele wryght and in Beverley, in 1596, the Wheale wrightes were in the guild of carpenters and joiners.

spellings quelewright
dates 1308 1346 1379 1399 1400 1504 1596

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0