1) Quarriers or quarry workers.

In the contract of 1422 for Catterick Bridge, it was stated that the wherreours brekes the saide stanes and schapels thaim in the saides qwerrels. To ‘scapple’ stones was to rough hew them and this phrase neatly distinguishes the work of the quarrymen from that of the masons. The by-name or surname occurs from the late thirteenth century, e.g. 1297 Ralph le Quarreur, Bolton Priory and 1323 Henry le Quarreour, Sandal, near Wakefield. A second Henry le Queriowre lived in Embsay in 1379 and his descendants were still in the parish over 160 years later. The spellings of their surname are of interest: 1473 Quaryor, 1522 Warrear and 1543 Wharrear. See YRS155/76

dates 1297 1323 1379 1422 1473 1522 1543

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0