white leather

1) Leather of a white or light colour and soft pliant consistence, prepared by tawing (OED).

1395 It. pro factura xj sellarum ... de canwas pro eisdem ... pro whitlethir pro eisdem, Whitby

1465 1 bar’ de whiteleder tewed [imported from Leith into Hull]

1532 one halffe dacre of whit ledder, Fountains Abbey

1579 Mr Maior for a pece of whytt leather 6d, Beverley: 1583 Rec. of the Glovers for 3 haulf hides of whyte leather taken of one dwelling about Skarbrough 10d, Beverley. Latin texts indicate that it has a much longer history: 1299-1300 In albo coreo, cordis … et canabo, Bolton Priory.

dates 1299-1300 1395 1465 1532 1579 1583

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0