1) An appliance for winding yarn or thread.

c.1504 j garyn-wyndyll foytt and the blaytters viijd, York

1577 a paire of yearen windle blades, North Frodingham

1591 a yarne windle foote, South Cave

1657 j pare of yearne windles, Selby. A by-name, similar to spinster in meaning, suggests that the word has a much longer history: 1275 Thomas Wyndelester ... non venit, Hipperholme.

dates 1275 1504 1577 1591 1657

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2) A measure of certain commodities, mostly corn.

1252 unum windellum farine avene, Flasby

1315 ‘to the value of one wyndel of winter wheat’, Holmfirth

1518 a wyndyll of barly malt, Barkston

1540 to 18 servants yerely 18 quarters and a wyndyll of whete and 39 quarters and a wyndyll of barly, Hampole

1561 one windle of barley & one wyndle of pease, Monk Fryston

c.1592 this yeare I had growing of good rye in the Alanroide xlvj thraves which yelded a wyndle a thrave, Woodsome. Note: 1286 ‘j wynd of malt’, Wakefield

1309 ‘one wynd of barley’, Thornes.

spellings wind (2)
dates 1252 1286 1315 1518 1540 1561 1592

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0