wood collier

1) In early records the word ‘collier’ often referred to a charcoal burner.

1567-8 John Wayed and Christopher Wayde colyeres agreed … to falle the underwood and ockes and saplynges, Esholt. However, in those parts of the West Riding where collier could mean coal-miner, the term wood collier had come into use by the sixteenth century: 1577 Edward Hirste of Smithie Place, wood collier, Honley

1628 Richard Coward, wood collier, Thornhill

1675 Robert Moore of Bradley yate, wood-colyer. The term ‘charcoal-burner’ is on record in the North Riding from the seventeenth century but I have not found any early West Riding references.

dates 1567-1568 1577 1628 1675

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0