1) A building for the storage of wool, noted in an early Wakefield by-name.

1275 Johannes de Wllehuses, Sandal

1316 Thomas de Wollehouse, Stanley. In the poll-tax returns it was in widespread use, with examples in several townships, for example 1379 William de Wollehous, Ecclesfield

John de Wollehouse, Wigton. It is on record later in Hull, along with ‘wool-porter’ as an occupational term: 1377 Johannes Coke, wolporter pro se 12d, Hull

1465 Hulle strete: The Wolporters for the ocupacone of the Wolhous yerly xls, Hull

1527-8 The porters of the Wolhous wiche paid at a terme xxs now nothing & thus xxs in decay, Hull

1672 Robert Downes per Woolhouse, Brightside Bierlow.

dates 1275 1316 1379 1465 1527-1528 1672

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0