1) An earlier form of ‘worked’, that is worked by hand or worked up. It has survived in terms such as wrought iron.

1486 C markys to be paid like as the werk is wroght, Sheffield

1500 stuff ... longyng to the same craft unably wroght and maid, York. When said of a colliery, it referred the successful winning or getting of coal: 1584 a coal mine of small value digged or wrought by John Lockwood, Almondbury

1705-8 they have wrought mynes and coles within the moores or commons belonging to Harkaside, Grinton

1713 caused several experienced workmen to be sent down the pitt to measure how far the same had been wrought, Shibden. Used also in the tanning industry: 1662 any leather or raw hides wrought or unwrought.

dates 1486 1500 1584 1662 1705-1708 1713

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0