Norway oak

1) Pine and oak were imported from Norway from the Middle Ages but early direct references to the country are not common in Yorkshire sources.

1661-2 Anthony Marsingale had not paid them their wages from Norway ... [he] said that 150 deals were missing from the ship, Hull

1694 Paid to Mr Haworth for 10 firdeels & one Norway oake Ł1 5s 0d, Conistone

1701 deals fetch’d from Norway and deliver’d at Scarborow, Castle Howard

1751 9 Stockholm deals, 3 Norway oak boards, Branton Green. A catalogue of the boards purchased at Hull by Sir Walter Calverley in 1705 included 10 Norway oak boards of 2 inches thicknesse, which cost 6s 2d each.

dates 1661-1662 1694 1701 1705 1751

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0