easting board

1) Boards from eastern parts, terms used for timber imported from Norway or the Baltic.

1335 et hostia de Estrichborde cum ligaturis et crokis hespis et stapulis, York

1354 In xiij bord. de Estriche emp. pro feretro Beati Wilfridi exaltando, 2s 2d, Ripon

1379-80 Et in iiij Estlandborde emp. ad ponend. subtus le Table magni clocher, 12d, Ripon

1497 Et in estyngbordes xijd, York. The York merchants who traded with Poland, Prussia and the Scandinavian countries were incorporated into the Eastland Company in 1579.

spellings eastland board estriche board
places York Ripon
dates 1335 1354 1379-1380 1497 1579

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0