1) Spellings of ‘alchemy’, used of a base alloy that resembled gold, and from which domestic items were commonly made.

1557 a saltseller of alkaymyne, Whitby

1636 one alcamyne cupp, Harrogate

1644 a dozen of Alcamy spoones, Lepton. There is a record of 'Alcomie Button' in London in 1677 and in Sheffield John Roebuck was referred to in 1715 as an alcomy buttonmaker. Other less usual spellings have been noted: 1692 ocknomy Buttons, Attercliffe

1707 oakarmy buttons, Sheffield.

spellings alcomy alkaymyne
dates 1557 1636 1644 1677 1692 1707 1715

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0