1) As a noun ‘brush’ means the loppings of trees or shrubs and it is on record from 1330 (OED).

In 1497, the lessee of a mill was granted brush for repairs to the mill dam, Ruswarp. ‘Brushwood’ has much the same meaning but has not been noted outside Yorkshire before 1613. In most parts of the county the verb ‘to brush’ meant to lop off small branches, usually during the maintenance of hedgerows: c.1560 From hedgis and treys brush al nedefull sprigs, Farnley Tyas

1686 that Joseph Wood brush, cut and switch his hedge, Lepton

1763 Brush off and Fell all the Underwood, Esholt.

dates 1497 1560 1686 1763

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0