1) A collection of things of the same kind.

1461 10 bonche swine birstills, Hull

1483 3 bunche lynegarne, Hull

1697 hide herselfe in a bunsh of nettles, East Ardsley. It was used particularly of items in building accounts: 1518 paid for iij bonches of lattes and for naylles xd, York

1537 ij bunch of latts bought, Bridlington

1698 for 8000 plaistering lats & 15 bunch of slate Ł6 13 4, Pickering.

dates 1461 1483 1518 1537 1697 1698

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2) As a verb, to kick or strike with the foot.

1703 struck at her and bunch’d her, Boroughbridge. Used also as a noun: 1672 received a blowe or a bunsh upon his belly which he thinks hath broake his body for he cannot hold his water, Rastrick.

dates 1672 1703

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0